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international performance series for contemporary dance + art 

curated by Andrea K. Schlehwein




This festival like format brings high-level international Contemporary Dance to Carinthia.


We are convinced that far off the urban centers and regardless of the main tourist season an ambitious art program can meet curious eyes and ears, gain international recognition and set important impulses to the region and to art itself.


Here, in the atmospheric ART SPACE stift millstatt post performance talks, panel discussions and expert meetings take place and contribute to a lively international exchange.


Up to now, this series of international guest performances has been curated by Andrea K. Schlehwein. It is being organized by the production office büro für tanz I theater I produktionen.


Over the last years büro für tanz I theater I produktionen collaborated with various local, national and international partners such as the 'Museum of Modern Art of Carinthia',

the renowned 'Seoul International Dance Festival', KAMS (Korea Arts Management Services), the Korean Ministry of Culture and the 'Polish Institute in Vienna' to name only a few.


In many cases the performances brought to Carinthia were Austrian premieres - highly acclaimed by our audience and the critics.


Guest artist at LIGHT ON - LIGHT OFF have been:

cieLaroque, Austria . Mateja Bucar, Slovenia . Vadim Fishkin, Slovenia . Silvio Grand, Argentina . Leonie Humitsch, Austria . Anna Konjetzky, Germany . Tamara Kronheim, Austria . Fang Yun Lo, Taiwan . Carlos Osatinsky, Argentina . Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli, Argentina . Robert Phaller, Austria . Silvia Salzmann, Austria . Igor Sviderskij, Slovenia . Marco Torrice, Italy . Susanne Traub, Germany . Rosalie Wanka, Germany . Bodhi Project / Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria . Matan Levkovich, Israel . Bora Kim + Art Project Bora, Korea . EDx2, Korea . No Name Sosu, Korea . Goblin Party, Korea . Maciej Kuzminski Company / Poland .

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