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about us - at a glance

LOCATION             Stift Millstatt Kärnten / Carinthia / Koroska



Andrea K. Schlehwein is the creative director of the production office, runs the think tank and creates art   

concepts. She is in charge of the international management and international public relations. She curates various kinds of projects in contemporary art and is the Artistic Director of NETZWERK AKS.


Eleonore Schäfer manages the production office and is in charge of marketing, grafic lay out and the press work. She curates the national edition of LIGHT ON – LIGHT OFF and of regional projects of the NGO Forum Kunst. She runs the gallery FORUM KUNST contemporary located in ART SPACE stift   millstatt.



Over the last ten years the productions initiated and managed by büro für tanz I theater I produktionen were presented in Austria, Turkey, at various international festivals in Indonesia, in Tucuman + Buenos Aires / Argentina, in Cuba, Germany, Spain and at major international festivals like SIDance / Korea and BISFF (Busan International Short Film Festival) among others.




FORMATS              °  Tanz im November 2015


                                °  LIGHT ON – LIGHT OFF

                                   dance festival for outstanding 


                                   contemporary dance performances

                                °  POSITIONEN

                                    Diskurse und Dialoge im  

                                    zeitgenössischen Tanz Kärnten

                                    07 / 09 / 011 / 015


                                °  kunstLABor 2012




RESIDENCY          write an informal, personal application 



 *  topic of research + length of necessary working period

 *  partners and funding to date

 *  needs + necessities + availability for a presentation

 *  biography + photos + video link


let us know what you need, we let you know how we can support


Stift Millstatt Kärnten / Carinthia / Koroska

Stift Millstatt is an old monastery that was built around 1070 and served as a spiritual and cultural center of the upper Carinthian region in the Carinthian mountains of Austria. Due to the special position close to Slovenja and Italy, Stift Millstatt always represented an open minded attitude towards the world.



ART SPACE         

ART SPACE stift  millstatt is a 400qm big

multifunctional space for contemporary Art  presenting a full year programme including Gallery, Dance and Film activity throughout the year. 

The ART SPACE hosts the büro für tanz I theater I produktionen, the international active collective of artists

NETZWERK AKS, the Gallery FORUM KUNST contemporary and the NGO Forum Kunst.





The büro für tanz I theater I produktionen

constitutes a permanent base in the Carinthian mountains which allows to move anywhere in the world flexible in order to start producing on the spot where production activity is needed. The office mainly serves as the organizational backbone for the free-floating platform NETZWERK AKS, for the international edition of LIGHT ON – LIGHT OFF and other smaller formats and guest performances in contemporary dance.It elaborates international work and focuses more and more on collaborations with national and  international artists and institutions throughout Europe and Asia. With the aim  to challenge and to explore tendencies and trends in contemporary dance, fine arts, new media and installation, the büro für tanz I theater I produktionen has taken it upon itself to newly arrange the current cultural map of Carinthia within the  context of an open minded European Society.





It is our philosophy to create a portable, open space for individual work approaches, for the initiation of professional-level artistic concepts by NETZWERK AKS and outside artists and to contribute to the realization of these projects throug infrastructural, dramaturgical and technical support.



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